Tuesday, April 27

I should be doing school work….yikes


Right off the bat, I would like to congratulate our very own Brett Mikoll (@brettmikoll) for graduating from the University at Buffalo this year with a degree in the fine arts. Thus, he will be joining Dazzle full time from here on out. HA! Congrats Brett!

Brett: The myth, the man, the legend.

moving on!

In the next couple weeks we will be making a ton of progress. Details are TBA as we are still solidifying them but the announcements are along the lines of:

+ Announcement of Dazzle’s exclusive dealer in Buffalo ON Elmwood Avenue
+ In store release event!
+ Spooky Business plans for the summer
+ Brand new products for summer available only in Buffalo
+ DJ FLO announcements
+ Dazzle’s involvement in the 2010 Allentown Art Festival (dunk tank?)
+ The original banner from 1032 Elmwood Avenue will be resurrected and hung again in Allentown, NY on the side of our favorite building.

Please stay tuned and check back for details regarding these announcements!



While I was at SXSW this year I was introduced to and worked with up and coming MC/Producer duo Chiddy Bang at the Crush Management showcase. These guys are unequivocally one of the most talented twosomes I have ever witnessed live since I went to see Brian Boitano & Michelle Kwan tear it up together. These guys are going to be huge. They’re EP that they are about to drop is wild. Props!

Additionally, friends of our’s Anarbor recently released their latest album called “The Words You Don’t Swallow”. This has been on repeat all week. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

If you would like to check out more of the album on iTunes, here you go!


I know everyone is wondering what it is that we are talking about when we post about Spooky Business.

Well, Spooky Business is an experience that everyone should have as soon as possible.

Spooky is not a brand, a person, or an entity. It is nothing. In fact, we are still trying to figure out what it is to be exact. At this point, Spooky Business is the name of the party we have at The Pink in Buffalo on select dates. I consider Spooky to be a project that Dazzle started that oddly enough took off. Attendance is up and The Pink keeps inviting us back! Spooky Business is a gathering of great people, drinks, and music that we choose ourselves.

Free admission, Dazzle drink specials, and free Dazzle giveaways!




We WILL be DJing at The Pink on Saturday, June 12th from 2-10 pm during the Allentown Art Festival. Also, we will be DJing Sunday, June 13th from 9pm- close. Come have a drink with us! Going to be such a great weekend!

While we are talking about The Pink…I was asked to attend the Artvoice Best of Buffalo 2010 Awards by The Pink’s owners. Had an incredible time there networking for Dazzle and The Pink ended up winning awards for both the Best Dive Bar & Best Hook Up Spot in Buffalo. Woo!

Check the award!

Random Photos

In Detroit with Mayer Hawthorne I was able to meet Black Milk, Slum Village, 9th Wonder, Illa J. My band at the time (Nikki Jean) attended DJ House Shoes birthday party where I took this photo with Black Milk.
Snoop Dogg’s set list that we were able to save…amazing!


- Seabass

Monday, April 19

Could be one of the best beats of all time…

Perfect bloggin’ beat.

Happy Monday!

- Seabass

Thursday, April 15




We should probably take a moment to let you know where Dazzle has been since December which was our last blog post and that location is on tour. Non-stop since January. Seabass was out on the road tour managing the Take Action Tour 2010 as well as Columbia Record’s new artist Nikki Jean with Mayer Hawthorne’s headline tour.

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No

You may have heard Nikki Jean sing the chorus in this song/video:

Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life (ft. Nikki Jean)

Nikki Jean live in Tennessee wearing the cap we designed and produced for City Garage, a specialty ski shop in Ellicottville, NY. Caps available at the store, find info here!

This year’s Take Action Tour Admat

On the Take Action Tour, We The Kings headlined an unbelievable tour. Photos from the tour below:

The King’s Carriage

Sunset in Salt Lake City

Chicago, IL

Look what we found in the middle of nowhere!

Salt Lake City

Off Site Hospital Event!

While on tour with Nikki Jean we traveled predominantly through the South…photos below:

DJ House Shoes’ tables

the most legit Philly Cheese Steak ever

southern comfort

first show in NYC w/ Mayer Hawthorne

While at home, Brett has been working with DJ FLO on his new Dazzle artist cap as well as the Dirty Powder Mixtape and these were the final results:

our mixtape…

(download free here: http://www.dirtypowdermixtape.com/ )

and his cap…


Last year on the AP Fall Ball tour Dazzle became really good friends with a band from the UK called You Me At Six. When the band came to Buffalo, Dazzle laced them up with some great caps and shirts. Results?

Our man Dan rocked the Kensington Cap in their brand new music video, peep Dan the drummer:

….and finally….
the creepiest background stare award goes to Dean Arthur who starred in this gem below…

As this post more or less transformed into a “get you up to speed w/ Dazzle” post, I will throw down another tomorrow with our near future intentions… we have so much going on that I want to share.

Be cool!


Monday, December 7

Ohh, My Bad!

Damn, I/We fucked up on this one real hard! It is just 3 days shy of being month since our last post. I’m going to take the easy way out of this one and say that there has been so much going on. I hope everyone can accept our apology and forgive us.

So, since Mass Appeal, I have plenty of pictures to show you of our homie DJ FLO and his main man, Jonesy, getting down in Rome, Italy and showing all of the Italians how DMF does fashion. Since the last post FLO also dropped a new podcast entitled “Holiday Hustling”. As always, FLO has the latest jams to get your night raging. If you haven’t subscribed yet, get on your game and get on iTunes and search Hustle & FLO radio! Dude kills it. Be on the look out for a unique collaboration of FLO & DMF in an upcoming mix-tape and fitted cap collection.

With December upon us, it was time for our friends at Block Club to release their newest edition of the monthly magazine. In this months issue be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our first ever DMF Ad in Block Club! The spot is a thank you to all of our local support and a chance for us to reach out to all to inform that DMF is your local and national company for custom 5950 New Era fitted caps along with the best in fashionable apparel. Thanks to Block Club for inquiring DMF about an Ad and for all the support! Check it out here or in your own hands at any Elmwood Village shop on Page 17.

A lot of shipments have been moving out this month which we’re very thankful of and always awestruck when we receive an order. In addition, this month DMF has had more international shipments than ever before! To this minute, DMF has received orders from the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy! It’s amazing to see that DMF has such an affect to people throughout the world. We guarantee we will continue to produce quality product for anyone, anywhere.

Special Thanks to:

Milan, Italy

Manchester, United Kingdom

Munchen, Germany

Since it’s been almost a month since I last had the chance to last express what DMF has been into musically, now it is my chance to lay it on pretty thick. First off, FINALLY, The Clipse newest album is in my iTunes! I have been waiting for this album since late summer and am super pumped to finally get down on all of the songs. The album entitled “Til’ The Casket Drops” is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the winter and Bass and I will be getting down on this for weeks to come.

This month, Lil’ Wayne has also dropped his newest mix-tape “No Ceilings”. Over the last year or so, Weezy has come to grow on me and this mix-tape was no step backwards. I know some people just can’t get into him but you love to hate him! With his VH1 documentary of Behind The Music and also The Carter Documentary itself here, there has to be a spot on your iPod for Weezy.

Alright, feel like I have written too much now, and besides the Sabres game is on, and I might just have to watch the Weezy Documentary again! Next post won’t be so far off, Thanks for staying in touch!


Tuesday, November 10

Mass Appeal Recap

Let me try and break this down for you, so think back to when you were in class in high school, a project is due that everyone is going to see when you present, you’re super nervous but in a weird way actually excited, you’ve worked so hard putting it all together and you know and feel that it kicks ass, but what will everyone else think? That’s the feeling I got when I saw this…

November 6th, Brett, myself and Arjun made our presence known at the Mass Appeal Fashion Show put on by the Elmwood Village Association in awesome Buffalo, New York. We had an amazing time! It was a special feeling to see your work put on a runway and shown off to everyone.

To our models, and ALL of the people behind the scenes, Thank you! We hope to be back next year and be bigger than ever.

Now I’ll let the photos do the talking…


Friday, November 6

Library Bloggin’

If there is one thing I can say I definitely enjoy, it’s people watching. Seeing that I am posted up for an hour or so in the library at school, I thought it’s the perfect time to let everyone in on a little update and tell you which characters in the library I am totally creeping in on. Of course, the cute cuddling couple. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m with my girl I do what needs to be done. But in the library at school!? Take it home! Ha! And why is there always that person that has to talk super loud? I just want to be like “Hey, let me give you a little secret, this school, actually has a cafeteria too!”

Enough of that, how was everyone’s Halloween? I had a great time. On the 30th, Dazzle’s boy DJ DStar was back in town to drop it at Bayou and I had to make my way to the Chip Strip to see my man in action. I was not let down, posted up behind DStar all night I witnessed masses of costume goers getting down to him. Solid performance.
On the 31st I had an amazing night out, I had not been out like that in a long time, it was good to see everyone, see what everyone was dressed up as, and then finally get down on the dance floor of course. Brett and I went to the Halloween Party at the Town Ballroom as we have in years past and it was not disappointment. If you were not lucky enough to see us in person, check the pictures below to see us as Mac & PC from the Apple commercials. Props to the dudes dressed as Happy Gilmore and his caddy. So funny! I don’t know how they didn’t win best costume.

I’ve been known to blink…

I’m kind of antsy to get this school day over with, test next class then some lecture, then I am out! Tonight is the Mass Appeal fashion show on Elmwood Ave. I have seriously excited to get down there and see how this event goes down. From what I’ve heard, a ton of people go and there is some good clothing to be seen. Aside from seeing our own Smooth Criminals line walk the runway, I am really looking forward to what kind of fashionable people show up for the event. Again, more people watching will be done tonight. So, if you don’t have anything planned this evening, come down to Elmwood and see the Mass Appeal event, it’s only 10 dollars for open tickets. Get all the info here! Pictures will be taken as per Brett and posted up real quick!

On the subject of getting some Elmwood love, if anyone takes interest in Block Club, the monthly publication showcasing local business and events, then in this months and next months issues you should be on the look out for the Dazzle Me Formal ad spot! We’re real excited to get the word out about local business and our new line up and what else we have in store for the winter. Crew neck sweatshirts? Party? In the works.


Wednesday, October 28

Mass Updates

Well, at least fall made an appearance in Buffalo for about 5 days…Now we’re back on this rain gig. That’s right, the rain is in full effect in the Queen City on the verge of Halloween weekend. So much has gone down in the past week, in no particular order, FLO debuts his brand new podcast, I am doing the best I have ever done in school, DStar will be back in Buffalo this weekend rocking the chip strip and Dazzle will also be featured in the Mass Appeal fashion event!

Kind of jealous of Bass. AZ.

Now on his 9th edition of Hustle & FLO radio, our main man from NYC, NY has released his newest podcast featuring an hour and twenty minutes of pleasure to your ears! There is a certain number of things I look forward to each month; one being the J. Crew magazine, my GQ magazine and then FLO’s podcast. Its like getting a new CD except…it’s free! If you love to dance and/or party then show FLO some love and subscribe to his podcast on iTunes and if you’re in the NYC area, go get down!!

Hustle & FLO 9 “NYC’s King Vagabond”

While we’re on the subject of ragin’, anyone who is in the great city of Buffalo and looking for the best local & rising DJ needs to make a stop and see DJ DStar this weekend. DStar will be killing the speakers at three clubs this weekend in the city. First, on Thursday head on down to Omega, but leave your pink shirt at home, and see DStar in his first set since the Dazzle finale party. If you didn’t use all your party skills on Thursday, then Friday come by Bayou on the chip strip and kick it with some of the Dazzle crew as we welcome back our boy. And, Finally, on Saturday, Halloween night, get dressed up in your most inappropriate costume and do the monster mash at Encore with DStar. It will be epic!

I am pretty confident in saying that no one has more hometown spirit then Dazzle Me Formal. We love this city! Even though we don’t plaster it all over our tees and caps, Dazzle is dedicated on helping put Buffalo on the fashion map for permanent. With that being said, everyone at Dazzle Me Formal is humbled to be in this years Mass Appeal fashion show on Firday, November 6th. The Elmwood Village association was polite enough to ask Dazzle if we would like to have our Smooth Criminals 2009 line up walk the runway this year and there was no way we could turn it down! Check it out here and if you’re going make sure to drop us a line and tell us what you think. Very exciting.


Saturday, October 17

I Was Kind Of Hoping For A Tie

I know that this afternoon’s Bills game has caught some national attention seeing as it went into overtime so hopefully everyone will understand what I am talking about. I’ll admit, I was flipping back a fourth between the Bills game and Hitch on TNT. Honestly, the Bills of late have been boring me and this game was no different. After Hitch, I flipped back to the football game to see that it was headed into overtime and was somewhat enthused and curious to see how this weeks game would turn out. After watching probably the longest overtime football game I have ever seen along with all of the bad turnovers and many 3rd and long failed conversions I was really, really hoping that the game would end in a tie. Then what would everyone say? We wouldn’t have won, but, we wouldn’t have lost…Think about it.

Alright, it’s been a while since Brett and I made our trip down to The City Garage in Ellicottville, NY to deliver their Dazzle branded custom caps and from what we have been told everything went great! Dazzle loves getting involved with independent shops all over the Western New York area and even out of state vendors. The City Garage was very appreciative of their brand new New Era 5950 caps and tees. If you weren’t down their for the festivities, check it out! And remember, these caps and tees are only available exclusively at The City Garage in Ellecottville, NY.

Remember our friends from The Summer Set? Well if you haven’t heard, they just recently dropped a brand new album. While Seabass was on tour with the band I had a chance to hang with the crew on their tour stop to Buffalo and I have to say they are some real solid people. Everyone needs to help out our friends from The Summer Set and go out and buy the new album or head on out to a show of theirs. Dazzle and The Summer Set would appreciate it, and your ears will enjoy it too.

Speaking of music, The Bird Day, our hometown boys, recently took some promo shots for their upcoming endeavors and we’re spotted rocking some Dazzle Me Formal gear! I know I have said this a million times before, but if you have yet to check out The Bird Day you need to do yourself a favor. These boys have something good going on and are ready to blow! Hit up their MySpace here and become a fan on Facebook here.


Wednesday, October 7

Octoberfest Weekend

I would say that at least 3 out of 5 people I have talked to this week have said that they will be heading on down to Ellicotville for their annual Octoberfest. Personally, I have never had the pleasure of being in Ellicotville for Octoberfest or in Ellicotville for any reason, so I am quite jealous. However, on Friday, Brett and myself will be heading down there bright and early to drop off the official Dazzle Me Formal and City Garage collaboration on New Era 5950 caps and tees. Our trip to Ellicotville will be short lived though seeing as Brett and I are needed back in Buffalo to get some work done. In any case, Brett and I are excited to see the area and more excited to get Dazzle into City Garage and out to you!

Lately I have been on this binge of hip-hop music and dance/club type music. That all changed thanks to Dazzle Me Formal music aficionado Brett. Brett did the good deed of spreading his musical knowledge onto me as he always does and introduced me to The Kooks. I am aware that I am probably a little late hopping on this train, however, if you have never heard of them, give it a chance and I know you will not be let down. Their material has easily climbed to the top of my favorite albums list.

Finally, yesterday I had the fine enjoyment of shipping Dazzle Me Formal tees to Italy. This amazed me and still does amaze me know even typing about it. We can’t thank everyone enough for the exposure you have all created for us. We hope to continue to grow and share our ideas with the world!

Check out Dazzle Me Formal’s own DJ FLO with Ghostface Killah! Peep DJ FLO’s 2009 Smooth Criminal tee, he chose the Vogue Victim just as I do.


Thursday, October 1

Busy, Busy, Busy

I’ve been running around so much lately I will admit I have been neglecting my blogging. However, tonight is pretty special, to me. The NHL season started tonight! I don’t know how many of our Dazzle followers are hockey fans, but myself, Brett and Sean are. This beginning of hockey season also puts into perspective the time of year. It is Fall, the start of the month of October, and one more month closer to winter and snow here in Buffalo! It’s exciting.

On to a more important subject that includes everyone, Thanks a lot for purchasing, looking at, or talking about our new Fall 2009 Smooth Criminal line. It is such an accomplishment to see how nine months of work can pay off. We’re seeing product move and plan to explore even more ways to take Dazzle Me Formal to the next level. There are still quantities of tees and caps left, don’t wait, most of the product is a limited run!

I’ve also been in communication with Seabass as he has been on the road with The Secret Handshake for the AP Tour. A few days ago Bass sent me some photos from his recent stop in Chicago, IL. Now, personally I have never been to Chi-town, however these photos make me pretty jealous. I am a big city fan and I am thinking that I will be adding Chicago to my “cities to see” list.